Why a blog? Tales of the Unexpected

One of the reasons for this blog is to keep an account of what happens during the Residency.  One of the evaluation tools I’m using is ‘impact evaluation’ where you take into account what  happened that wouldn’t have taken place  if the residency hadn’t  happened.  There’s a lot of happening and double negatives in there, but as evaluation goes I quite like it. I think it suits an arts and/or creative process, where being open to opportunities and  having unexpected adventures  in part of ‘the work’.

For example I gave a presentation to some of the macrobert staff about my practice a couple of weeks ago. Luci made a strong connection between  my shared studio practice with young children and her  experience of ‘playing’ in her grandad’s  glass studio.

She said that a glass studio with it’s furnace and glass blowing equipment, table saw and glass shards is the last place you would expect young children to be! But as young children she and her brother loved being in there – as she said you only cut your finger once,  and you knew to stay away from dangerous equipment.  And her grandad sometimes took their ‘playings’ as starting points for work.

After the presentation we talked about the magic of sand transforming into glass and the resonances of that with childhood interests. Hopefully I’m going to visit Luci’s grandad’s studio.

Luci’s grandad

Charles Bray


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