Friendly Place this Stirling University Campus

There is a God and She is a Child

I was struggling. I’d had to decamp from the Den/Site of Contemplation. When the sun came out eventually, so did the bees. I share the tree with a bumble bee nest. This, in another context is a dream come true. A couple of years ago, my compadre artist Becky Sik, and I cooked up a project ‘Shelter from the Storm’ where we told baby children the story of Miss Pie, the Red Wolf Cub and the Bees, made homeless. The upshot was these children produced amazing models of a new home that accommodated these diverse creatures, Miss Pie, the Red Wolf Cub and the Bees, with a common theme of PLAY. And here writ large was a manifestation of ‘Shelter from the Storm’.

But in real life sadly in these days, in the ‘1st world’ it might not be wise for toddlers to share a tree with bees. I was struggling. I had to make a new den for toddlers, but I’d used up all the good materials on the Site of Contemplation…

Then as I walk up to the site I see this fallen tree! Miracle. God is a girl-child. I get my pad saw out and start sawing. On the second trip to the Lime Tree I’ve found for the new den, I start to wonder if I should have got permission… There’s been a groundsman on a grass cutter circulating. Semi consciously I’ve been timing my forays to coincide with his time at the furthest reaches.

Back at the fir tree sawing, I hear him stop, and by my estimation it’s at the Lime Tree! My initial reaction is to hide. Then I get a grip and advance towards him. He is sunning himself in sight of the fir branches I’ve already installed in the Lime Tree….

We exchange genuinely pleasant pleasantries. He knows of my existence at the big tree. I tell him about the bees and the move to the new den. He say’s he’ll let his boss know about the move, and ‘You must be struggling for materials…’ I mention the fallen pine. He says ‘I’m sure it will be ok to help yourself’. So graciously done.

And then more graciousness. I say ‘I’m just at the beginning.’ He says he’s lost count of the number of things that have started small at Stirling, then gone on to bigger things elsewhere. He’s an angel. This is just what I need to hear at this point in time.


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