Recycling Spiderman

The foyer of the MacRobert is a honey pot for toddlers and young children.

I was observing  the elements that combine to make it such a succesful space

  • blue floor lights on the ground floor
  • three  steps up to the first level
  • a run then a ramp to get back down to the ground
  • or from the first level ascend another two steps to a play plateau in a corner
  • or on the first level loads of room to run through to another out-of-site space
  • or on the first level room to manoeuvre chairs into  different shapes
  • stair and ramp railings to swing on and slide down
  • tall stools to hang from
  • cafe and snacks
  • etc!!

These are valuable observations for findingforms. However the acoustics are really harsh, so when a gang of children gather to drag chairs and let off steam it can get a bit noisy. So I was invited to come up with an idea to ‘slow down’ the activity in the foyer. While not strictly within the remit of the Residency  I was up for giving it a go on two counts:  the act of making in itself generates more ideas for making and  I was reminded of the approach of the pioneering movement – The Artists Placement Group . In placing an artist in an organisational context, there was an initial five or six months exploratory period  where the organisation and the artist got to know one another  before committing to ‘a big idea’. In that time ideas could develop collaboratively and organically over time – or not as the case might be. So I took this invitation as an opportunity  for us to get to know one another.  Spiderman’s standee was just waiting to be reconfigured into a lookout den!


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