Edinburgh Art Festival – curated with children in mind

Good on the Festival for commissioning House of Fairy Tales for this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival:

The HoFT Examiner News Room, a child-centred art installation designed to teach children about mass communication’s wily ways. Children of all ages will become trainee reporters and together we will produce (the second edition of) The HoFT Examiner, Edinburgh’s news and reviews ‘playper’ as seen through the eyes of the festival’s most instinctive critics.

The first edition of the newspaper includes contributions by children at North Edinburgh Arts working with Alchemy Arts, and also

The Magnificent Edinburgh Escapade Part 1 – an interactive guide to the city, specially created for the Edinburgh Art Festival. Weaving together the history and geography of Edinburgh’s streets in a magical adventure, the escapade will take families and children on a problem solving tour through the city and the festival programme with the help of richly illustrated maps and task sheets.

See Edinburgh Art Festival Brochure for details
Children of all ages are invited to get along to the inspiring installation at White Stuff in George Street to pick up the tools of the trade and get out on the streets as roving reporters to contribute to the second edition of the HoFT Examiner

Checkout Clicket for details


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