The Missing Link

What am I doing here?
Art, children, University ?
Perplexed grin as I wander
In a link corridor between schools
I come across a case of hominoid skulls
A surge of delight, pleasure and awe
Curious coincidence
I’ve been thinking….
Theatre takes you on an emotional arc
Visual art…..?
Art as knowledge production….
Eureka…the missing link!
Children as wee learning sponges
University – seat of learning and knowledge
Oooh, la, la!  Mais! Attend!
Is that in the same bag as cultural industries?
Cognitive capitalism?
Proceed with care
Practice non-knowledge production
Explore liminal spaces,
And feel knowledge as well as think it


Seat of Learning becomes a vehicle of observation, a hide, a carrier of tools of investigation and a gatherer of the stuff of the world.

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