Conversation with Ewen

Ewen from macrobert and I meet for lunch, a catch-up and a conversation on Thursdays. It’s a great foil for the lonliness of the long distance artist-in-residence. Does solitude comes with the territory of visual art practice? Maybe. Maybe like tennis, ultimately it’s down to me/you/the artist. And that’s part of what we like about it too.
Anyway in our meanderings, having lunch in the sports cafe of the campus, we passed through endurance to measurement – endurance is often measured, we realised…
Measuring is something I’ve been thinking about in terms of working with the P6’s on ideas for artwork for children. At school they have to work a lot with numbers. I wonder if there are numbers and measurements out there which they are interested in/might find useful…If we can come up with some, the next exercise would be to embed them in the artwork…

Tommy Stockel, This could be Now, Polystyrene, 110x520x40 cm
Interestingly I came across this work just after our conversation when we’d mentioned this way of counting.
Reminded me too of how people like making their mark on trees, stones and wood in the landscape.


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