My Sculpture Trail Jaunt Second Stop: Grizedale Sculpture

greyworld:clockwork forest 2011, commissioned by The Forestry Commission

greyworld are a world renowned arts group that make art for public spaces. They create installations, sculptures and multiples. Their primary objective is to create public art that allows some form of creative expression in areas that usually exclude or ignore it.

Thanks to Antony and Emma of Grizedale Sculpture for their hospitality in showing me round and giving me a bit of background. clockwork forest was away for repair after a busy year, but they were expecting it back soon. A good excuse for another trip. Grizedale Sculpture is interesting as the project has been going since the 70’s and they are in the process of commissioning new work and recommissioning/decommissioning some of the work that is now getting on for 40 years old.

The overarching theme of Grizedale Sculpture is trees and forestry. Returns me to the idea that an overarching theme for University of Stirling Sculpture Trail could be ‘learning, knowledge and knowledge production’.


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